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Settling Down, It’s Personal

I’m restless by nature. Often times when I spend an entire day stitched to the couch and/or glued to the television I just feel terrible about about myself and my use of time. To not get out and stretch my … Continue reading

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Small Talk

I am the king of small talk. Seriously, try to test my small talk and you will be put to shame. If I were trapped in a paper bag I bet I could small talk my way out in just … Continue reading

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I took an hour long nap this afternoon, awoke and listened to this song on repeat. Happy Tuesday! /farmerrobbie

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A few shots from my fisheye camera and a disposable camera.   My mother.       S. SF Caltrains stop. It’s not much of a stop, merely a slab of asphalt with a ticket machine.       Mr. … Continue reading

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Now that the winter break is over and school is back in session, I’ve been living a more leisurely life than before. I fully understand that I had four weeks of freedom to devote to leisure and the forgetting of … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis & the Problem of Pain

After finishing The Hobbit last week I’ve since moved on to reading C.S. Lewis’ The Problem of Pain. I’m not too far into it, but from what I can tell this has to be one of the heaviest Theological works of … Continue reading

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