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Folding Towels & Brightening Days

I work at the UC Irvine Anteater Recreation Center, or simply put, the school gym. There’s not much to my job. I mainly just swipe people’s ID or lend out basketballs/soccer balls/locks. As for complexity, this job ranks around the … Continue reading

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As Graduation Nears

I recently registered for my winter quarter of classes here at UC Irvine. My college career has flown by so quickly. I only have two more quarters left, then it all comes to a close. I’m not too sure what I’ll be … Continue reading

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These past couple of days have been tiresome. I’ve spent a lot of time doing schoolwork, making scratch at my job, sleeping on hard floors, and staying up late doing nothing. I wish that I had something to show for … Continue reading

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My Dad

I never thought it to be true, but the older I get the more I realize I share many mannerisms with my dad. I always thought of myself as being more like my mother, but when I step out of … Continue reading

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Astronautalis Has Confidence

Firstly: This video has salty language. You have been warned. Yesterday I talked about acting out of fear and confidence, and today I watched this video of Astronautalis playing his song “Short Term Memory Loss” live. In the beginning of … Continue reading

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Fear & Confidence

  It has been 22 years, and in those years I’ve begun to learn what drives me. The two main driving forces that I see in my life are fear and confidence. I either do things out of fear, or … Continue reading

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That’s Not Jonah

There’s been a lot of crazy marine activity in the Monterey Bay this past week. First it was a shark attack, and now two humpback whales have been seen kickin’ it in the bay. Here’s a viddy of a surfer … Continue reading

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