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I’m Jinxed

A couple days ago I posted about watching Jaws and not being too freaked out about going in the ocean, well, just yesterday there was another shark attack at a beach near my home town. That makes two (non-fatal) attacks in four … Continue reading

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Heart & Home

“Keep your acres! My home is where my hat is hung…” – Astronautalis (The River, The Woods) I feel that those lyrics contradict that popular phrase “home is where the heart is,” and rightfully so. What I call my home … Continue reading

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Early Morning Disappointment With Dave

Plans were made. I’d meet Dave at his house in town at 7 in the morning and from there we’d load up his mom’s minivan and drive westward towards the ocean. Being the punctual guy that I am I was … Continue reading

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Respect the Carcharodon

I like the ocean. I like swimming in it. I like surfing it. I like looking at it. I like its smell. I like the way it moves. I like the way it makes my hair feel. I like thinking … Continue reading

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Peace, Be Still

Often times my head gets cluttered. Thoughts, ideas, and desires seem to find their way into my mind and make a nest for themselves. This wouldn’t be a problem if everything got along peacefully in my head, but unfortunately the … Continue reading

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Tuesdays In Paris

Most people get a case of the “Mondays” every week, but I get a case of the “Tuesdays.” This problem only affects a few of us out there, but I swear it has to be at least three times worse … Continue reading

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The Cleanly Man

I’m living with three other guys, men, this year. If our apartment were any smaller it would more than likely explode with the amount of testosterone pulsating throughout this place. A normal evening here consists of infinite “That’s what she … Continue reading

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