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Back in the Saddle

I’ve been off of the bike for almost two months now. I took it out for a spin recently and my legs ached, my lungs burned, and I could barely last thirty miles.  Despite all of this I had the time … Continue reading

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Around Mile 30

After years and thousands of miles of pedaling my bicycle I’ve come to learn that around mile 30 is where you reach bliss. By this point both your muscles and lungs have warmed up and your body moves in almost … Continue reading

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UC Santa Cruz Crit 2013

Hang out with me for any length of time and you will eventually learn that I love bikes. I love riding them. I love talking about them. I love reading about them, looking at pictures of them, and watching professional … Continue reading

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Yay Bike Racing

After every bike race, my friend Chris would high five each of us and say “yay bike racing!” It wasn’t that we won, it was just his way of celebrating bikes and racing. I like Chris. /farmerrobbie

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Slow Is Good

I had taken five weeks off from riding my bike to travel some and indulge in other forms of adventure, but I was back. Slowly my legs were awakening from their slumber and my lungs were clearing out the cobwebs. … Continue reading

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a still from last night…

I filmed a music video last night. In my opinion, every music video needs a bike scene. Post-production should wrap up shortly. /farmerrobbie

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Stretchy Shorts

It happens almost every time. I’m not sure why. I guess it could be the shaved legs, the shoes with the weird clips, the French colloquialisms or the skin tight shorts. Either way it never fails that every time I … Continue reading

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