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I have the same ritual every morning. I wake, use the bathroom, start my coffee, start my oatmeal, eat, wash dishes, shower, and dress. Each morning I find comfort in the familiarity. Some mornings don’t go so smoothly though. I hit … Continue reading

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Mountain Air Memories

Scent is the strongest memory triggering sense, but as I left Oakhurst in my rearview mirror and headed back to camp, I hung my hand out the window and the cool evening air poured in through my windows, brushing across … Continue reading

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Peace, Be Still

Often times my head gets cluttered. Thoughts, ideas, and desires seem to find their way into my mind and make a nest for themselves. This wouldn’t be a problem if everything got along peacefully in my head, but unfortunately the … Continue reading

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Of Oatmeal & Adventures

Roughly two years ago I only consumed oatmeal when it was cooked over a portable stove. I never really ate oatmeal when I was home. That’s because oatmeal was primarily a breakfast dish prepared when I was on an adventure … Continue reading

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Food & Conversations

It’s been about two weeks now since school has started. That means that I’ve had two weeks worth of remembering names and asking new people the same five questions over and over. I’ve gotten pretty good at carrying on a … Continue reading

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It’s Science

My favorite meal of the day is hands down breakfast. There’s something so comforting about the breakfast foods. Whether it be waffles, toast, cereal, pancakes, oatmeal, doughnuts, fruit, or even sausage (I’m not really into the whole bacon scene…sorry), doesn’t … Continue reading

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