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Mountain Air Memories

Scent is the strongest memory triggering sense, but as I left Oakhurst in my rearview mirror and headed back to camp, I hung my hand out the window and the cool evening air poured in through my windows, brushing across … Continue reading

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Yay Bike Racing

After every bike race, my friend Chris would high five each of us and say “yay bike racing!” It wasn’t that we won, it was just his way of celebrating bikes and racing. I like Chris. /farmerrobbie

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A Few Grand Short

I passed this beauty on my way to church yesterday. Two hours later I found myself driving back home and a sudden urge overtook me. I stopped and admired. $11,000…just a few grand short. Shucks. /farmerrobbie

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Farewell Thrice

19 June 2012 On that day, Thrice played their last show, and I was lucky enough to witness it. I am saddened that a band that I have been listening to for over a decade has finally called it quits. … Continue reading

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Fear & Confidence

  It has been 22 years, and in those years I’ve begun to learn what drives me. The two main driving forces that I see in my life are fear and confidence. I either do things out of fear, or … Continue reading

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Musical Cynicism

Lately I’ve fallen prey to what I deem “musical cynicism” (or MC for short). MC is a tricky thing because to some degree it exists in everyone. We all have tendencies towards certain types of music more than others, thus … Continue reading

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College Isn’t Bad

I remember being in junior high and after seeing this music video thinking that this is what college must be like.  That crazy undie make-out parties were the norm with rock bands and even people in the refrigerator.  About 7 … Continue reading

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