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To The Bottom

“Hey dude. Scratch Fremont. I’m going to grnd canyon with matt & katelyn. Wanna come? We leave tomorrow at 4 and get back sunday night. Camping the whole time” -Tyler, text message 10 hours later I found myself parked outside … Continue reading

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Sentinel Dome

I now live about 30 minutes away from Yosemite. My friend Tyler once described Yosemite as “the pearl of California.” Well put Tyler, well put. My coworkers and I piled into as few cars as possible and made the twisty … Continue reading

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Itch of Adventure

If a good surf session can be deduced by how much postnasal drip one may (or may not) have leaking into the second breakfast burrito of the day, then a successful trip to Yosemite can be determined by the number … Continue reading

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