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Around Mile 30

After years and thousands of miles of pedaling my bicycle I’ve come to learn that around mile 30 is where you reach bliss. By this point both your muscles and lungs have warmed up and your body moves in almost … Continue reading

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Allez Allez

You shift down a few gears expecting things to get easier, but they don’t. Your lungs still burn and your legs still scream at you. You take the Jens Voigt route and half-heartedly mutter “shut up legs,” but nothing changes … Continue reading

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Hitting The Wall

I received my first road bike from a good friend and mentor roughly five years ago. Since them I’ve been pedaling my way around California and immersing myself in the cycling culture. One thing I’ve learned over these past five … Continue reading

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Share the Road

This picture probably doesn’t look like much, nor mean anything, to anyone who isn’t into professional cycling, but if you’ve been following the Giro d’Italia these past couple of days you understand the emotional impact of this picture. In a … Continue reading

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