Itch of Adventure

If a good surf session can be deduced by how much postnasal drip one may (or may not) have leaking into the second breakfast burrito of the day, then a successful trip to Yosemite can be determined by the number of mosquito bites you have.

As I type this I can feel four bites on various parts of my body quietly itch as if to remind me that they’re still there. Thanks guys, I have yet to forget about you.ImageYosemite is a humbling experience. Upon first entering, you almost can’t help but feel small. Granite faces tower over you, while pine and oak trees grow up towards the heavens.ImageNinjas cook breakfast too.ImageMy friend/manager and I met up with Elliott to take some video footage of him sport climbing.ImageEl Cap.ImageImageAfter filling his bottle and taking a big swig, Elliott assured us that “Fern Springs is so good”ImageImageImageElliott embodied the spirit of “home is where you park it”ImageImageHe also made more than one joke about falling off of the cliff.ImageImageImageImageWe refueled at Millerton before our drive home. I asked for O’Douls and only got half a laugh in return.

Adventure is around every bend, you just have to look. Also, don’t forget your “spirit of adventure wolf howl” and some Neil Young, I’ve learned that these are adventure staples.



About farmerrobbie

My head is comparable to a field of good soil where seeds land and yield crops a hundred times more than what was sown.
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