Broken Bands

A few years ago my dad gave me one of his old watches and I’ve been wearing it ever since. It has seen a lot in its time with me, and unfortunately it has suffered some damage.

Most recently the little strap that holds the band down ripped, so I purchased some scrap leather and went to work.

I first removed the old band. Then cut out a strip of leather roughly the same size. Next, I poked holes into the leather using a needle, and then I used some fishing line to thread the strip together around the watch band.

I’m not sure how strong the replacement strap is, but I can only wait and see. I figure that if/when the strap breaks it will only give me more practice to perfect my skill at leather crafting.




About farmerrobbie

My head is comparable to a field of good soil where seeds land and yield crops a hundred times more than what was sown.
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