David Bazan Living Room Show

On Monday night I was lucky enough to find myself seated next to my friend Katie and a living room full of about 20 or so strangers. No we were not there to party, although a fair amount of people there were sipping quietly on craft beers. We had come together to share an experience that is truly beyond words.

We were there to hear Mr. David Bazan himself serenade us.

I was lucky enough to purchase tickets for Monday’s living room show in December before they sold out. I have seen David play once before, but that was at a large venue where I had to tolerate standing about midway back and to the left of center stage. Well not this time. This time I was within spitting distance from David.

Throughout his musical career David has been known for writing emotional and honest lyrics. The combination of those lyrics and an intimate setting made for a very personal experience. I left that house feeling as if David and I were best friends.

Only strengthening the bond between Mr. Bazan and the audience is his personality. Every couple of songs he’d open up the floor to questions. At first everyone was a little hesitant, but eventually people got more comfortable and started asking questions. The questions varied from witty remarks, to praise of his music, from personal stories, to personal questions, and he answered every question with complete honesty. Towards the end of the night I mustered up all the courage I had and raised my hand.

David willingly answered my question, but what meant most to me was that while he answered my question he made eye contact with me, and never broke it. The 20 other people in the room did not matter to him, I asked the question and I was going to get the answer. I haven’t met many full-time musicians, but I can’t imagine too many are as genuine as David.

After the show was over I made my way over to personally thank David and shake his hand, and once again he held eye contact with me while we chatted. He even put off signing my record until after we were done conversing so as to not give his attention to anything else. I truly appreciate this about him, and it only helps to solidify him as one of my favorite musicians.

Oh yeah, the drummer from my favorite band of all time, Thrice, was there. He sat behind me. You can read his review here.

And you should listen to this song, over and over.




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