Go For It

“How’d it go today?”

That’s generally how I greet people when they stop by my desk to return equipment. You see, I work at my school’s recreation center managing the front desk and Gear Up, the place where patrons can rent basketballs, towels, racquetball equipment, etc. I wrote in an earlier post about how I strive to be the “King of Small Talk,” and it is little questions like the one aforementioned that help me uphold this title.

Every Monday afternoon she stops by my station to check out a lock and a towel, and about an hour later she stops by again to drop it off. As she came by to drop off the towel and lock I started in on my routine.

“How’d it go today?” I asked.

“Good. You’re a good Monday person.”

“Oh, thank you.” I replied a little caught off guard.

She then turned and left.

A couple of minutes later he walked by. Now this gentleman is not your normal gym rat, but a rather distinguished 92 year old man, and every time he passes by me he greets me with a wave and a little tid bit.

One week he gave me a tip for studying that he used when he was in college during the 40s. It was to pull an all nighter cram session two nights before the test, so that the night before the test you can get a full nights rest and go into the exam feeling rested.

This week he gave me some of the greatest advice anyone has ever given me.

He walked by me as he always does, asked me about my studies, proceeded to tell me that I am a smart guy and how he feels good about the future of the nation when it’s in hands like mine, but none of those held a candle to what he said next. He ended our conversation by looking me in the eyes and telling me to “go for it.”

That’s it, just go for it. Nothing more. I’m not too sure what the “it” he was referring to is, and part of me feels that neither did he, but nonetheless something inside me directed me to take these last few words as important.

When someone who has lived as many years as this guy gives you advice, I feel that it is appropriate to not only listen to the advice, but to also utilize it. I imagine that if his life were to ever be put down on paper, the printers would have to use that really thin and loud paper that Bibles are printed on to help keep this guy’s life story from being too immense and heavy.

I picture that through all the turmoils and successes of his life that it is that one phrase, “go for it,” that got him to 92.

There’s a lot in my life that needs a healthy boost of “go for it,” and not just a go for it followed by a period, but a real loud “GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!” As in, get off of you bum, put down the remote, and go for it. As in, don’t let anyone or force of nature hold you back. You know those aspects of life that just need that extra boost of “go for it.” Those times when deep down you feel a tugging on your heart, and you just can’t seem to shake the feeling; but yet there is that voice that echoes in the back of your head. That voice of condescension warning you of all the dangers and telling you how “stupid” of an idea it may be.

It is in those times that I feel an attitude of “go for it” is most needed. I believe we are creatures destined for greatness, but if we don’t carry a spirit of “go for it” we get too comfortable living in the average which chokes out our desires for illustriousness.

I hope you can keep the flames of greatness burning if your lives. I hope that you can throw caution to the wind sometime this week and “go for it!”


About farmerrobbie

My head is comparable to a field of good soil where seeds land and yield crops a hundred times more than what was sown.
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