Peace, Be Still

Often times my head gets cluttered. Thoughts, ideas, and desires seem to find their way into my mind and make a nest for themselves. This wouldn’t be a problem if everything got along peacefully in my head, but unfortunately the desires, thoughts, and ideas are like territorial children vying for their parents attention. After some time, this struggle becomes a flat out battle, and not one like Gettysburg, but rather a battle between man and nature.

It’s like my mind is a wooden ship at sea and these ideas, desires, and thoughts are waves bashing against the bow trying to get my attention. It can become overwhelming to say the least. It’s already difficult enough trying to focus when I’m constantly connected to the internet, let alone when my mind is being pummeled from all different angles.

This problem plagued me for a while, until one day when I found a sure fire method for keeping my head afloat, and that method is breakfast.

I know it may not seem like an earth shattering revelation, but having a quiet time set apart each morning to dine and sift through my thoughts and day has really helped me keep a peace filled and calm head on my shoulders. Without this nugget of time to start each day I can only imagine how flustered and on edge I’d be each day.

We all have storms that we must weather, and taking some time out of each day to simply experience a sense of tranquility can refresh our worn souls.

Peace, be still. – Mark 4:39



About farmerrobbie

My head is comparable to a field of good soil where seeds land and yield crops a hundred times more than what was sown.
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