What Baffled Gabe

When you work a front desk job during college you have a lot of time to spend sailing the channels of the Internet. I’ve recently fallen in love with Adventure Journal because it covers a wide array of adventurous activities in which I myself enjoy partaking.

This morning while I greeted patrons with my best beauty pageant smile, I read an interview with Surfer magazine contributor Gabe Sullivan. Gabe writes a column where he poses surfing related semi-existential questions to random locals and pros alike. When asked during the interview what, if anything, has surprised or shocked him in all of his travels and interviews, Gabe responded with:

I’m consistently baffled by how many cool, interesting, friendly and talented people exist in this world. Meeting so many different amazing folks really restores my faith in humanity. Obviously you’re going to come across the occasional unpleasant person when you interview 1,905 people, but what really stands out is the vast majority of truly inspiring, wonderful people I’ve met on my journeys.

I’m getting to that age where I enjoy meeting new and interesting people. It’s as if the people I meet are a sort of rarity that I collect. The better stories they have, the more I want to meet them and add them to my list (this probably isn’t a healthy way to view people, but that’s not the point of this post). I’m starting to appreciate each and every moment of glory, scar, or hilarious event that people have as if they were my own.

A lot of my close friends have good stories worth retelling, and often times I do in fact retell them, because I find such a sense of worth in knowing what a human can do. We are truly wonderfully made creatures who yearn for accomplishment, whether it be leveling up your paladin or summiting the highest peak in North America, there’s always some achievement waiting to be had.

One thing that breaks my heart is seeing people who don’t believe in others or themselves. The human body can withstand extreme situations, but the human spirit can easily be weakened. Without a sense of purpose, or a constant stream of support I’ve found that we grow weary and hopeless. When you remove yourself from supportive friends and family, you’re running the risk of ruining yourself along the way and becoming an unpleasant person.

Risks need to be taken, but we’re not immortal; so the consequences need to be assessed from time to time. Without a support structure to cheer you on and also keep you out of harms way, it’s easy to get blown off course and straight into the arms of iniquity.

We each have the ability to do some pretty amazing things, and as Gabe put it, “restore [the] faith in humanity” but we need to remember that we’re not alone and that two heads are truly better than one.


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My head is comparable to a field of good soil where seeds land and yield crops a hundred times more than what was sown.
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