Food & Conversations

It’s been about two weeks now since school has started. That means that I’ve had two weeks worth of remembering names and asking new people the same five questions over and over. I’ve gotten pretty good at carrying on a dying conversation for at least six or seven minutes, which is a substantial increase over last year’s average of three minutes.

I’m not the king of conversation, but I like to think of myself as the royal stable boy of conversation. I’ve always enjoyed a good conversation, but recently I have been putting more emphasis on being a conversationalist. Over my many hours spent in a lab running tests on mice I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a strong correlation between food and conversation.

A lot of my best conversations have taken place early in the morning over a hot breakfast of oatmeal and coffee or in the evenings munching on burritos. It’s not impossible, but not a lot of deep conversations occur when I’m waiting for the doctor, sitting in the back of my Spanish 2A class, or in line at the ATM.

My many years spent in a think tank dedicated to the art of conversation have led me to three key reasons why food and conversation are a good pairing.

1)   Time to think.

It’s a natural occurrence for every conversation to reach a lull roughly 30 minutes in.  When this happens, it is a good idea to take a bite of that burrito and come up with another stimulating question to rejuvenate the conversation.

2)   Food feels good.

Food is one of those things that I partake in regularly, and yes, even when I am alone. I enjoy eating, and I also enjoy the company of good folks. I think the rule is when two good things come together they make one great ball of awesomeness. Thus food is a great addition to any conversation.

3)   History.

Throughout history many great people have sat around a table together to eat and discuss important issues that would later change the world. When I look at the lives’ of great people I think to myself, “Farmer Robbie, what do these people and myself have in common?” And 93% of the time it’s this, we both enjoy the combination of conversation and food. If history has proven that food and conversations go hand-in-hand, then I guess it is a valid argument.

Surviving a plane crash on a deserted island is a great way to bond with people, but if you have a mild fear of flying like myself, grabbing some lunch or dinner is a far more reasonable, and safer, alternative. I hope this has been an informative post about the benefits that food has on a conversation.

Now I wish you the best on your dangerous adventures, and may good conversations and savory food follow you wherever life may take you.


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My head is comparable to a field of good soil where seeds land and yield crops a hundred times more than what was sown.
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