Last night three of my friends and I ventured out to the Yost Theater in downtown Santa Ana to see my favorite band Thrice. Now it’s been almost five years since I’ve last been to a Thrice concert, so my excitement was mounting every hour leading up to Thrice’s performance.

The week leading up to last night the Yost Theater was doing some big kick-off for their re-opening. I’m not sure why they closed, but I would guess it had to do something with their sound system being sub par. I say this because the opening band was mixed horribly, and I assume it might be a new system with which the sound guy is not familiar. The drum cymbals were too loud and caused the sound to distort and overtake any sound that stood in its way. Albeit I was there to see Thrice, being one who appreciates music, I enjoy seeing and hearing new bands. I saw them, they looked good, but the sound system did not do them any justice.

Then it was time for Thrice. The minutes between the set changes were spent getting pumped, guessing which song they’d play last (I said “In Exile“), and praying the sound guy would do something about the crappy mix.

The time came, the curtain pulled back and Thrice opened with a track off of their upcoming studio album called “Yellow Belly“. Unfortunately I think all the sound guy did was buy a Coke and maybe relieve himself before their set, because the first two or three songs sounded terribly washed out, but at least Thrice brought their normal passion and stage presence to compensate for it.

In my opinion, the sound got better as their set went on, that or my ears started to bleed because it was so loud. Either way it was a great show and Thrice performed five new songs from their upcoming album. My favorite was “Anthology” which is out now in acoustic form, but the live version was roughly 10x better. Hopefully the electric version is recorded and included on the album or bonus material.

All I can say about the new album is that it’s going to be good and heavy.



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