I Can’t Resist Good Music

Three years ago my friends and I strolled around Monterey hoping to find something to do. As we crossed a street I asked my friend Thomas what he thought of the new Astronautalis album “Pomegranate.” Thomas’ response was that it was a good album. It’s difficult to accurately rate an Astronautalis album, because all of his albums are fantastic, but some are better than others. To simply say it is good brings about follow up questions: is it good compared to music in general? Or is it good for an Astronautalis album?

In my opinion, “Pomegranate” took several listens for me to find its true potential. Right off the bat I’d say it was a good album compared to music in general, but probably his worst album (which doesn’t mean much since his other two albums are phenomenal). After a week of listening I fell in love with almost all the tracks and I can honestly say that “Pomegranate” is an album worth having in your collection.

Earlier this week, Uncle Astronautalis himself put one of the songs from his new album online for the general public to enjoy. I listenened to the track once and enjoyed it, but it wasn’t until the next day when I gave it a second listen that I found it to be amazing. I swear I listened to this song at least three times in a row.

I now have high expectations for the new Astronautalis album, “This is Our Science” which comes out this September.

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My head is comparable to a field of good soil where seeds land and yield crops a hundred times more than what was sown.
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