This Isn’t A Music Blog But….

This past Saturday I found myself in a car on my way to Anaheim to experience the Chain Reaction for my first time. I remember reading that bands would regularly stop there on tour so I was excited to see what kind of venue the Chain Reaction is. I was surprised though to find that it was not some flashy big venue, but rather a small club like show. I like it.

The venue was not the main reason for me going all the way to Anaheim, the opening band featured a high school friendly of mine who I had not seen in over a year. I made sure to be sneaky and not alert him that I would be at the show, I just like surprising people. I arrived there and made my way inside to find that his band was already playing. It was a solid set, but mostly I enjoyed seeing him behind the drum kit once again.

After his set he took down his kit and walked through the crowd to get to the merch table. On his journey through the crowd I made sure to lock eyes with him. There’s something magical about seeing someone’s face light up in excitement and surprise. I floated past bystanders and kindly embraced him and all his sweatiness in a manly hug of sorts. He did not know what to make of me being there since it was so unexpected. I felt accomplished and we chatted it in between bands the rest of the night.

Now I went to this show not knowing any songs by any of the bands playing, thus it was a little hard for me to truly get into the show but I did my best. Most bands sounded solid on stage but two particular bands really caught my attention and impressed me.

The first was a Sacramento based band called K Sera . Not only did they bring a good live show with adequate stage presence, but their music was a nice mixture of progressive rock and just solid inde music. I was mostly impressed with the talent of their bassist who employed multiple picking techniques.

My favorite band of the night was probably the youngest and least experienced. These kids call themselves The Vinyl Thieves hail from the OC and cannot be any older than myself, but yet they really controlled the stage and had the audiences full attention. What I loved most about their music, especially hearing it live, was that it was a nice mix of lo-fi garage rock and just plain ole rock. They were not flashy or snobbish, but still knew how to rock. I was further impressed by the lack of an ego that radiated from these guys. They were at the venue when I first arrived and I figured they were here to watch a friend’s band much like myself. They weren’t the pretentious kind to stand in the corner and critique, but instead stood up front and bounced along with the beat. They are regular dudes, and because of that I was better capable of identifying with them.

Over all The Vinyl Thieves appear to be solid dudes who know how put on a good show. They may not be the best band in the world, but I’ll be going to more of their shows because I enjoyed myself that much.


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